Later today, President Barack Obama will be officially sworn in for his second term. But first, Obama and his family attended church, where the reverend's sermon used the president's reelection campaign slogan "Forward" as a theme. From the pool report:

In his sermon, which illicted a good deal of call and response from the congregation, the Rev. Ronald E. Braxton used the "forward" theme of the POTUS reelection campaign in telling the story of Moses.

He urged POTUS and others to not allow obstacles to interfere "Where forward is the only option".

"I'm a witness that the God of Moses , with miraculous power, still moves on behalf of humankind"

"Forward was the only option" said Braxton.

"The President and First Family is worshipping this morning and celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church, one of the most historic churches in the District and the nation," an unnamed White House official told the pool reporter.

And the pool reporter adds, "Pool exits church at about 10:38 as semon ends to a call and response of "forward." Cannot see POTUS or First Family depart from this vantage point. Crowd was boisterous and call-and-response grew in intensity during sermon."

UPDATE: Here's a photo of the president and first lady at church, released by the White House:

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