The Obama administration will roll out a plan, today, for fixing the climate, having already fixed foreign policy and the economy. As Wendy Koch of USA Today reports:

The Environmental Protection Agency will unveil a sweeping proposal Monday that will require deep cuts in carbon emissions from existing power plants, including a 30% national target by 2030 …

The objective, of course, is to do something about climate change by lowering the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere, especially by coal burning power plants. But as the U.S. reduces the number of such plants, other players build more. The EPA does not have a lot of juice in China and India.

The EPA fiats are sure to be met with hearty opposition and the fight will go on for the remainder of President Obama’s second term.

While the program may not reduce the emissions of CO2 or “fix” climate change, it is a dead cinch to raise the price of electrify. But, then, when he was first running for president, Mr. Obama promised this.

Give him a point for follow-up.

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