Michelle Malkin yesterday announced that Monday (today, which is Labor Day) Americans should observe "Empty Chair Day."

"What better way to commemorate the Labor Day holiday than to send a message to the AWOL campaign-in-chief — and support Clint Eastwood, to boot!," wrote Malkin, billing it "Empty Chair Day."

"Monday is the day. Decorate yours any way you want it: Nobama stickers, Romney/Ryan yard signs, golf clubs, mom jeans, etc. Email/tweet us your best entries."

Well, it also looks like AMC, the American Movie Classics channel, is participating, or at least celebrating Clint Eastwood today, a few days after his prime time performance at the Republican convention in Tampa.

Check out the channels line-up today:

Hmm. An Eastwood marathon on "Empty Chair Day"!

The Eastwood movies being played today include Joe Kidd, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and For a Few Dollars More.

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