Maggie Haberman reported last night:

Bill Clinton told Sen. John McCain he agrees that President Barack Obama should act more forcefully to support anti-Assad rebels in Syria, saying the American public elects presidents and members of Congress “to see down the road” and “to win.”

At another point during a closed-press event Tuesday, Clinton implied that Obama or any president risks looking like “a total fool” if they listen too closely to opinion polls and act too cautiously. He used his own decisions on Kosovo and Bosnia as a point of reference.

Now, the White House sends out this press alert:


Office of the Press Secretary


June 13, 2013

5:00PM TODAY: Senior Administration Official to Hold Conference Call on Syria

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Thursday, June 13, at 5:00PM ET, a Senior Administration Official will hold an on-the-record conference call to discuss Syria. The call will be on-the-record without embargo.

WHO: Deputy National Security Advisor For Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes

WHAT: On-the-record conference call without embargo on Syria

WHEN: Thursday, June 13, 2013

5:00PM ET

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