The New York Post editors write:

Question: What do you call the Director of National Intelligence when he seems to be short of intelligence?

Answer: James Clapper.

On Monday, Diane Sawyer asked the White House's top anti-terrorism brains about the fallout from the sweeping arrests of 12 men in the UK early that morning.

Clapper's response: Silence. Crickets. The sound of one career, well, imploding. Pressed by Sawyer, he admitted he simply hadn't heard of the matter.

It was a mortifying lapse given Clapper's position: As DNI, he oversees all 16 US intelligence agencies and serves as chief intel adviser to the president.

Yesterday, we congratulated Attorney General Eric Holder for finally recognizing the threat posed by homegrown terror. Little did we know the rest of Team Obama was busy napping in a bunker.

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