The Obama administration and its supporters have been conflating the number of people who have selected an Obamacare plan with the number of people who have enrolled in a plan. It's inaccurate to do that because many of the people who have signed up haven't paid their first month's premium, which is required to be enrolled. Just how many haven't paid? According to a new report at CNN, the number is anywhere from 12 percent to 30 percent:

Around one in five people who picked health insurance policies on the state and federal exchanges last year haven't paid their first month's premiums, according to insurers polled by CNNMoney. These folks will likely see their policy selection canceled and they'll be left uninsured.

Some 2.1 million people signed up for a plan in time for their coverage to start January 1, according to the Obama administration. But with the payment deadlines stretching until January 31 at the latest, anywhere between 12% and 30% of those folks still haven't paid up, insurers say.

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