On Piers Morgan's CNN show, a gun violence victim asked if it would take a "senator to get shot" for Americans to be supportive of gun control:

"My question is, when is it going to stop?," she asked. "When is enough enough? When have enough children been shot? When have enough schools been raided and just when is it going to stop? And what is it going to take? This was in Santa Monica, this was just a normal day. Is it going to take, God forbid, but is it going to take a senator to get shot? I don't know what it's going to take, but I would have to say, enough is enough, over the last year, what, seven times this has happened? It's enough."

The victim's husband added, "I would just say, this was a huge tragedy for everyone involved, for the shooter, his family, for everybody who was injured or passed away. You know, the system totally failed here."

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