A CNN poll of 1,007 adult Americans asks: "From everything you have heard or read about the Republicans' plan to change Medicare so far, do you favor or oppose it?"

The results: "58 percent of the public opposes the Republican plan on Medicare, with 35 percent saying they support the proposal."

When the question is framed as a choice between Obama's approach and the GOP's approach, however, the "Republicans in Congress" fare better. But they're still on the wrong side of the issue:

So those aren't good numbers for Republicans--even if voters aren't informed that Ryan's plan only affects those 55 and younger. Ultimately voters will base their votes on their perceptions of the plans, not the substance of the plans. (Though it would be helpful to see how a poll of "likely" or even registered voters compares to CNN's poll of all adults).

The good news for Republicans is that the CNN poll suggests that the Medicare issue isn't hurting them much: A plurality in the CNN poll--48%--say it's a "good thing" Republicans control Congress, while 44% say it's a bad thing.

Furthermore, the CNN poll suggests that opposition to the GOP plan isn't that intense: 27% of Americans say the GOP plan would leave the country "a lot" worse off while 23% say it would leave the country "a little" worse off:

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