Well, Obama has done it again. Having rescheduled his super-great-amazing jobs speech for September 8, the president has set himself up to overlap with coverage of the NFL’s opening game. Despite the anticipation with which talking heads await the speech, I think NBC would be quite foolish, from a ratings standpoint, to preempt their coverage of the opener of America’s most popular sport. I would wager Americans are less interested in listening to president lecture them about the jobs they still don’t have (lame), than they are in watching football (awesome).

I can’t help but think there is something more at work here. Let’s look at the facts. First, the president “coincidentally” requested a joint session of Congress for his super-great-amazing jobs speech on the same night as the next Republican debate (the first to feature Rick Perry). Now, he has “coincidentally” rescheduled it to conflict with next Thursday’s game, which will feature the Green Bay Packers. So? Well, Obama is from Chicago. He’s a Bears fan. Who, historically, are the Bears most hated rival? You guessed it: the Green Bay Packers.


As we learned yesterday, “There are no coincidences in presidential politics.”

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