PPP reports on its latest Colorado poll:

In the last two months, President Obama’s lead in Colorado has been cut almost in half, but he remains a pretty strong favorite to win the state again. Obama tops Mitt Romney by seven points (49-42), down from 13 in early April (53-40). But that was just before Rick Santorum dropped out of the race, leaving Romney as the presumptive nominee. Santorum had beaten Romney in the state’s caucus two months earlier. Now that the nomination is his, Romney has been consolidating his base. His net favorability rating with GOP voters is up 37 points since the previous survey.

But Romney has also been improving with independents, who make up over a quarter of the electorate. That is where he has made up ground head-to-head with Obama, as his share of the Republican vote (84%) is essentially unchanged. What was a 26-point deficit with indepedents in the previous survey is now only 10. Romney’s net favorability with them is up 23 points at the same time as Obama’s net approval rating has decreased 21 points with them.

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