One Colorado Republican running for the U.S. Senate this year has a message for voters: He cares. Ken Buck, who is running to challenge incumbent Democrat Mark Udall, has a new ad in a series touting his record of helping people in his role as district attorney of Weld County, north of the Denver area.

The ad features Stephanie Drobny, a woman with two young children who fled an abusive husband in Montana. Drobny describes how Buck, as DA, helped her feel safe and even worked to change a loophole in the law to keep the ex-husband away from her children. Watch the video below:

Buck first ran for the Senate in 2010, winning a contested Republican primary before losing in the general election to incumbent Michael Bennet. During that campaign, a Colorado-based news website reported that in 2006, Buck had refused to prosecute a rape case, even after the suspect in the case admitted to the victim that he had committed rape. Democrats seized on the story and made the case an issue in the campaign. (Update:A local newspaper reported that Buck had sought a second opinion from another county DA, who agreed there was not enough evidence to prosecute. That didn't stop Democrats from sustaining the attack.)

A few years after Buck's 2010 defeat, he was diagnosed with lymphoma, but announced last August that it had gone into remission and he would be seeking the GOP nomination to run against Udall.

A recent poll showed Colorado voters have a low opinion of Obamacare, and Udall's reelection numbers look weak. Udall was first elected to the Senate in 2008 and voted to pass Obamacare in 2010.

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