Colorado's 9News reviews its state's Obamacare exchange and finds that it's "clunky, counterintuitive, and confusing." The site was built with a $179 million grant from the federal government, but even the sign in button doesn't work.

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"Clunky, counterintuitive, and confusing, that's the review of the website for Colorado's health care exchange written by 9News political reporter Brandon Rittiman," says the anchor. "Brandon managed to get a plan he and his family were happy with from the Connect for Helath Colorado but he argues that happened despite the state's website. For starters, the sign in button on the front page doesn't work. Here's what customer support told Brandon about that."

"As a user, that's not where you go. Instead, they've come up with a 6- click work around after nine months of selling plans. You go over here, view your options, that's 1. Sign in, 2. Click the little box, 3. Submit it, 4. And now we get a sign in button, click that, 5. And put in your account information and log in, that's click number 6," the reporter explains.

The anchor goes on to explain, "Colorado received $179 million in federal grants to build the state's health care exchange, including the website."

Says the other anchor, "For $179 million, it should be, you know, easier to navigate."

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