Free health care will, of course, come with some heavy costs. And not all of them will be financial. There will be an inevitable loss of privacy and dignity as well. You want the health care, buddy, then step on the scales. And let's have a note from the gym where you are required to work out three days a week. First step: mandatory wellness screenings. Play or pay. This is happening, already, as Jeff Brady reports on NPR:

If you work for Penn State and don't agree to step on a scale or have your waist measured, it could soon cost you $100 a month. The Pennsylvania State University is joining a growing list of employers penalizing workers who want company-sponsored health benefits but refuse to participate in health improvement programs.

There is some resistance, which an administrator sees as:

… "unfortunate and sad."


... all the information submitted by employees is confidential.

And fears of a coercive state are, of course, absurd. We're all about helping.

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