Nearly half of all Americans (46 percent) now “strongly” favor the repeal of Obamacare, while barely a quarter (26 percent) “strongly” oppose it — according to the latest Rasmussen pollof likely voters. Among independents, the split is even greater — 46 percent now “strongly” favor repeal, while only 21 percent “strongly” oppose it.

Overall, including those who don’t feel “strongly,” likely voters across the political spectrum favor repeal by a margin of 19 percentage points — 56 to 37 percent — while independents favor it by a margin of 22 points — 56 to 34 percent.

Moreover, by a margin of 20 percentage points — 45 to 25 percent — Americans think that repealing Obamacare would be good, rather than bad, for the economy. Among independents, that margin is 28 points — 49 to 21 percent.

In light of such overwhelming opposition to his centerpiece legislation, it’s no wonder that President Obamahas essentially stopped talkingabout Obamacare, his failed “stimulus,” or much of anything else about his first term as president.

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