A new 30-second TV ad from Republican Senate candidate Tom Cotton hits back at an attack from the Harry Reid-affiliated Senate Majority PAC. The original ad claimed the Arkansas congressman "got paid handsomely working for insurance companies," but the Cotton ad notes that the Washington Post said the ad's claims were all "factually incorrect" and "totally false." Read the Post's fact-check here (with a similar Politifact "false" rating here), then watch the Cotton ad below:

"After 24 years in politics, Mark Pryor has become unfaithful to the truth," the ad concludes.

Cotton is in a tight battle with incumbent Democrat Mark Pryor over the Senate seat in Arkansas. The Real Clear Politics average gives Cotton, a first-term congressman and Army veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, just a 1.5-point lead over Pryor, who is seeking a third Senate term. The most recent poll, however, found Pryor with a three-point advantage.

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