For the most part, Republican candidates for Congress have been quiet about the immigration crisis on the border, with a few exceptions. But Rep. Tom Cotton, the GOP Senate candidate in Arkansas, has put his Democratic opponent's support for amnesty for illegal immigrants at the center of his new TV ad.

"Senator Mark Pryor voted for amnesty, citizenship for illegals" says the ad's voiceover. "Pryor voted against a border fence three times, and now Pryor ignores the crisis." The ad then shows a clip from July 20.

"We have a much more secure border today than we did ten years ago," Pryor says on a local TV talk show.

"Seriously, Senator?" the voiceover asks, incredulously, before playing the Pryor clip again. Watch the full ad below:

The ad notes several votes Pryor took, most recently for the Gang of 8 comprehensive immigration bill in 2013. Pryor, along with all of fellow Senate Democrats, voted for the bill that the ad claims would provide amnesty and citizenship for illegal immigrants living in the United States. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives has not voted on the bill, blocking its passage and signing into law by President Obama.

Cotton currently has a 3.6-point lead in the Real Clear Politics poll average and has led in every poll of the race since May.

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