Congressman Tom Cotton talked about the threat facing America yesterday on Meet the Press:

“We have to recognize we are still in a global war against radical Islamic jihadists. And the President, by his policies and by the words of senior officials in his Administration, are removing us from a war footing and putting us back into a law enforcement model. Five terrorists have reached their targets under Barack Obama's administration. All five of those were promptly given the Miranda warnings and treated like common criminals,” said Cotton.

“The core point is that jihadists around the world don't attack us for the actions we take. They attack us for who we are. We are freedom's home and we are freedom's defender. It didn't take Guantanamo Bay, it didn't take drones to knock down those towers on 9/11. If we grounded every drone, if we closed Guantanamo Bay they'd find another pretext to attack us.”

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