Republican House candidate Tom Cotton has signed a pledge to repeal Obamacare--but his primary opponent, Beth Anne Rankin, has not.

Cotton, who is running for the GOP nomination in Arkansas's Fourth Congressional District, is the only candidate in the race to sign the Independent Women's Voice Repeal Pledge. The pledge reads:

I pledge, if elected, to vote for all bills which seek to REPEAL the health care bill, HR 3590, signed into law on March 23, 2010.*

To that end, I would now and will in the next Congress endorse and vote for all measures, including discharge petitions, leading to its defunding, deauthorization, and repeal.

I shall do so whether those measures are taken for the whole of the bill or those component parts that impose mandates, restrict patient and doctor choice and access, violate individual freedom and privacy, reduce healthy competition, increase costs, or raise taxes.

The primary is on May 22, and a recent poll shows Cotton leading Rankin by 18 points.

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