This snippet from a union leader’s speech to his membership suggests that he might be getting ready to take to the barricades, knock heads, and get nasty:

"… we’re not taking crap from nobody, no more. We’re not gonna wallow in self-pity. We’re gonna fight back and bargain better contracts. We don’t fear getting knocked down, brothers and sisters. We’re going to swing with both fists and we’re going to... whoop their ass, that’s what we’re gonna do!”

The leader who spoke those words is J. David Cox Sr., who is president of the American Federation of Government Employees. The heartless plutocrats who grind down those who toil deep in the bowls of the Department of Commerce are … the plutocrats up on the hill. Capitol Hill, that is. So, as Eric Katz at Government Executive reports, Cox and his legion of the downtrodden are going to whoop various members of Congress with the aim of restoring:

... funding to agencies hardest hit by sequestration, canceling scheduled pension contribution hikes for new employees … pay equality for blue-collar workers and pay raises.

Almost makes you want to break out in a chorus of “I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night."

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