At Right Turn, Jen Rubin documents the outrage that the Center for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) expressed over her post yesterday on the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) study on public employee unions. Rubin pointed out two studies that debunked the EPI's claims that public employees are underpaid, including one study from the Center for Union Facts. CREW is apparently upset that Rubin would cite the Center's study, considering that it is a project of Rick Berman, whom they call a "D.C.-based hired gun who uses front groups to defend his corporate clients against the public interest."

Of course, the left-wing, George Soros-funded crew at CREW is standing in a glass house with a bucket full of stones. As I pointed out yesterday, EPI is a confirmed pro-labor union think tank. Where's CREW's outrage about this? Berman's Center for Union Facts is up front about its opposition to union leadership. Two partisan outfits ought to be able to duke it out in the arena of ideas without a left-wing watchdog group that pretends to be looking out for the public interest butting in.

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