Panel discussions, dinner conversations, and Crow's Nest expostulations have continued apace on THE WEEKLY STANDARD Caribbean cruise, as we depart Grand Cayman and make for Honduras. But most of the buzz—apart of course from the topic of Vic Matus’s miraculous comeback from a bout of mal de mer and his restoration to cruise party animal extraordinaire—has been about the poll of our cruisers. They've gone 54 percent for Newt, 29 percent for Mitt, with no one else getting more than 3 percent—and a few write-ins for Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush. Scott Rasmussen hastened to explain, after the boss announced the results, that this of course wasn't a scientific poll, but then pointed out that the results weren't far off his latest national poll and the subsequent Gallup poll.

Coming up soon: Vic Matus’s recipe for Grand Cayman five-rum fruit punch!

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