The first television ad from Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli features his wife, Teiro. In the ad, Mrs. Cuccinelli focuses on the softer side of the Republican attorney general's political career.

"My husband Ken has spent his life standing up for the vulnerable and those in need," she says in the 30-second spot. "He's worked the night shift at a homeless shelter, spent his college days leading efforts to prevent sexual assaults, and represented those suffering from mental illness. As attorney general, Ken fought to fine and prosecute child predators and human traffickers."

Watch the full ad below:

The ad continues a theme Cuccinelli hit on in his speech last month at the Conservative Political Action Conference. "The governor of Virginia must be willing to speak for those citizens who do not have a voice,” he told the crowd of conservative activists. “As governor, I want to continue our efforts to protect our most vulnerable citizens, as I’ve done as attorney general, and that’s at every stage of life."

Cuccinelli will face Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the race to succeed outgoing Virginia governor Bob McDonnell, a Republican, this November. Polls show the two candidates are in a virtual tie.

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