Send your prayers across the Pacific.

Obama's holding a press conference on oil prices at 11:15 am. Is it because he's worried about protests in Saudi Arabia?

"Wisconsin Assembly approves bill to slash union rights for public workers." Slash? Really WaPo?

Media catfight! Arianna Huffington vs. Bill Keller.

Peter Wehner on Wisconsin: "A Crisis Is a Terrible Thing to Waste"

"Senators demand to know if State Dept. will punish Chinese firms doing business with Iran"

Nina Easton notices that unions are flailing badly these days.

Not one state pension plan is going to cover its obligations: "Among 126 [plans] studied, the median plan will return an estimated annualized 6.5% on assets over the next 10 years, 1.5 percentage points short of the median actuarial long-term assumed rate of 8%."

"President Ups Offer For HS Grad Speech Contest, Adds Liquor Store Run"

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