Another day, another possibly mentally disturbed congressman emailing his staff photos of himself in a fuzzy tiger suit. Wait, what?!

''Qaddafi’s Son Warns of Civil War as Libyan Protests Widen."

The revolution wasn't televised -- it was on the Internet.

Why can't Johnny read? Because all of his teachers are on strike for the fourth day in a row.

As an Oregonian, something tells me that patchouli will be exempted.

Remember this supposed documentary is nominated for an Oscar.

"This 'pre-adulthood' has much to recommend it, especially for the college-educated. But it's time to state what has become obvious to legions of frustrated young women: It doesn't bring out the best in men."

What's that you say? You want to hear a bluegrass cover of 'Owner of a Loney Heart'?

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