No, Rupert Murdoch does not pay negative income taxes: "Oh David Cay Johnston, You’ve Done It Again! Reuters Nixes Serial Misreporter’s Debut Column"

Politico: White House genuinely baffled that journalists insist on asking so many questions.

Phil Klein: Hey look, HHS Secretary has no idea how Obamacare's draconian Medicare plan works.

Hmm: "Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel raises whopping $2.3 million for U.S. Senate race"

Investor's Business Daily: "Time To Cut, Cap And Balance National Labor Relations Board"

Forget the debt ceiling deadline, there's a real crisis in Minnesota: "Hundreds of bars, restaurants and stores across Minnesota are running out of beer and alcohol and others may soon run out of cigarettes— a subtle and largely unforeseen consequence of a state government shutdown."

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