NATO agrees to oversee no-fly zone.

Oh sure, we'll hear "My Pet Goat" jokes until the Ragnarok is upon us, but QUIT MAKING FUN OF OBAMA FOR PLAYING GOLF DURING CRISES ALREADY!

The New York Times notices that J Street is having a hard time convincing some people it's pro-Israel.

Washington, D.C.: The Not-So-Chocalate City

"Energy Fantasyland"

Obama's rosy fiscal scenarios aren't helping us address the problem.

Are the Muslim Brotherhood are on the rise in Egypt?

"Housing Becoming Policymakers’ White Whale"

"Charlie Sheen isn't an F-18, but he is an EC-130 cargo plane specially configured for psy-ops. Some EC-130 flights over Libya have been going by the call-sign 'SHEEN'— as in, 'SHEEN 53, what's your altitude?' Other flights are 'CYLONs.'"

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