Shhh! Nobody tell Tom Friedman. Chinese high speed rail projects might be a colossal, expensive, unsafe failure.

"Palin gets it right on birthers and Obama's faith."

These wingnuts better get on board with reorganizing the world economy to deal with global warming, because the scientific consensus has never been wrong before.

Left-wing protest at Boehner's "small-h house."

"DNC playing role in Wisconsin protests," because sucking up to your biggest source of campaign cash is smart politics or something.

Wisconsin's grabbing all the headlines, but public sector unions are taking a beating in Tennessee.

The republic can rest easy now -- "Obama's teleprompter escapes budget ax."

"Watson has lots in common with a top-ranked human Jeopardy! player: It's very smart, very fast, speaks in an uneven monotone, and has never known the touch of a woman."

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