Wisconsin Fleebaggers give up

"We don’t have parties, we don’t have a constitution, we don’t have political organizations, we don’t have an effective civil society. We have to create a completely new state and we have to do it in the middle of a war and revolution.”

Republicans in solid shape to take control of Senate next year

If you're American and you're in Yemen, go ahead and catch a plane home.

Paul Ryan's terrifying power point (PDF link)

"So in other words, it's okay to tackle your state's pension problem, but only after it's become a full-blown crisis. And if you're a Republican, probably not even then."

Gas is over $5 a gallon in Florida

If the New York Times wants to argue that condemned prisoners should be able to donate their organs, great. But I'd rather they not give such a high profile soapbox to a man who drowned his two children.

Oh yeah -- there was another Obamacare waiver dump on Friday. Over 1,000 companies now exempted form the law.

Iowahawk takes on Paul Krugman, Part II

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