CIA pension plan has $6.4 billion in unfunded liabilities. How am I supposed to sleep at night if these guys can't even suss out the threat posed to their own retirement plans, let alone terrorist plots?

"Did Obama Finally Accept That He Lost the Obamacare Lawsuit?"

"Libya No-Fly Zone Cannot Be US-Led - Clinton" Because, really. why should a vile imperialist running dog regime like America be an example to the rest of the world?

''They Prostitute Themselves for Money" --

I'm not sure whether Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., is confused or spineless, but either way it doesn't look good.

"Did Clip of Brian De Palma’s Redacted Lead Frankfurt Shooter to Kill?"

Perhaps Jesse Jackson Jr. is not the most candent star in the intellectual milky way.

Jon Chait sure is egregiously wrong much of the time, part II

"Slideshow: The Qaddafis and the Bluths"

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