"It’s kind of a shame that [the firefighters union is] not going to urinate away another fifteen million in the next national election – although possibly the ordinary, decent fire fighters who get stuck with the bill being run up on the Democrats’ behalf might find this to be a distinction without a difference."

Hmmm. Jesse Jackson would know a thing or two about obfuscating the facts surrounding someone's birth.

Vermont approves a single-payer health care plan for some reason.

"Defending Ryan’s Budget: So Far, So Not That Bad?"

JPod: "'Leading from behind' could doom Obama"

A bellwether? "Manchin endorses spending caps, balanced-budget amendment"

And the scales fall from Sean Penn's eyes: "Fresh from lending support to his comrade and ally Muammar Qaddafi, beloved Venezuelan autocrat Hugo Chavez is now throwing his weight behind the murderous dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad."

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