New York Times: "Petraeus Confident as He Leaves Afghanistan"

Chicago Sun-Times: "The disappearing black middle class"

Sarah Palin: "I do believe I can win"

James Pethokoukis: "Like Reagan at Reykjavik, Boehner passes on a bad deal"

Jennifer Rubin: The White House blames the Tea Party for collapse of debt talks

Hot Air: "It’s not the entitlements, it’s the discretionary spending"

Think Progress: Hey, let's slam Tim Pawlenty for saying that being gay isn't necessarily genetic -- by quoting the American Psychological Association saying the same thing?

New York Post: "Then there's another problem with June's employment report. Included in the 18,000 headline number is a guesstimate that 131,000 jobs were created by newly formed -- and, therefore, invisible -- companies. If you want to send your resume to one of these companies, don't bother. They probably don't exist, and neither do the jobs the government thinks they are creating."

Washington Could Learn a Lot from a Drug Addict:

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