"Why Is PBS Linking to Fake Biographies of Conservatives?"

Bill Clinton: Why the heck is it so hard to get a drilling permit in a bad economy?

Apparently unaware there's an election next year, Obama is now pushing gun control.

Blogger reports the truth, and now must pay $60,000.

Government shutdown likely averted -- yet again.

Obama's not the only president that's had China envy, though Nixon was much more witty.

"I was appalled that someone who is a president at the NAACP and works with Charlie Rangel could behave like that in a public place and towards women. He was clearly intoxicated."

While America's dithering, Qaddafi's winning.

My nemesis Alec Baldwin offers some sage advice for Charlie Sheen

"Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, the evening's Republican entertainer, was wearing a sling thanks to a recent rotator cuff surgery. He quipped that he sustained the injury flying to the governors’ conference, sitting in an airplane seat between Christie and Barbour. 'Their tummies were tucked in the full upright and locked position,' he said."

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