Apparently thinking that, in our republic, the president unilaterally passes laws and the Supreme Court unilaterally decides whether or not we’ll keep them, President Obama has been telling the American people that “the law I passed [Obamacare] is here to stay.” But former Senate majority leader Tom Daschle — Obama's first choice as secretary of Health and Human Services — says that for Obamacare “to survive,” Obama “must be reelected.”

Daschle writes: “The final hurdle may be the biggest — the political aspect....Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has pledged to repeal the law on his first day as president. If elected, while he cannot do this single-handedly, he can virtually stop its implementation with executive orders.”

Daschle continues: “In addition, should the Republicans win control of the House and Senate, it is likely that a legislative repeal effort would be successful. Given that the law was passed using reconciliation rules in the Senate, only 51 votes would be needed for repeal.”

Romney has promised that, under his administration, Congress would use the reconciliation process to repeal Obamacare.

The stark difference between the two presidential candidates on this point, combined with the historic stakes involved, makes Obama’s centerpiece legislation the central issue of 2012.

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