The Washington Post reports:

Are national Democrats worried about Rep. Gerald Connolly (D-Va.)?

The Northern Virginia freshman's reelection race has long been ranked by nonpartisan observers as a second- or third-tier contest -- a seat that could be won by Oakton businessman Keith Fimian (R), but is far less likely to flip than dozens of other districts around the country.

Now, however, the party has come in with a heavy last-minute investment to boost Connolly's campaign. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee reported late Tuesday that it was putting $1.1 million into the 11th district to continue its campaign of ads and mail against Fimian, bringing the committee's total spending in the contest to $1.5 million.

The local media market is one of the most expensive in the country, so it costs a lot more here to run a basic slate of ads than it might elsewhere. And the DCCC is spending money in a broad range of seats -- on Tuesday alone, the committee put cash into 66 districts. But the fact that Connolly's race got the single biggest infusion of cash suggests Democratic strategists are more concerned about this seat than they had been in the past. No recent polls have been released in the contest.

Jennifer Cunningham writes at the Post that one DCCC ad relies on false claims about Fimian's business and the claim--repeatedly debunked by because the Republican signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge he supports tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas.

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