New York City mayor Bill de Blasio spent nearly half a million dollars on his inauguration on January 1. $35,250 of that was for a Teleprompter.

Via Capital New York:

Mayor Bill De Blasio spent at least $483,241 for his inauguration on Jan. 1, according to campaign finance records.

The mayor invited a host of dignitaries and several thousand members of the public to attend the event, staged at City Hall in the freezing cold. To keep attendees warm, de Blasio’s campaign spent $16,984 on blue blankets. The campaign also spent $15,488 on inauguration-related video expenses, $11,855 on inauguration planning, and $35,250 for a teleprompter, records show.

As Ira Stoll points out, perhaps furthering muddling the mayor's message of income inequality, de Blasio was sworn in wearing a suit that cost him at least $1,700.

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