Todd Akin, a six-term congressman and Senate nominee from Missouri, said something stupid and offensive a couple weeks ago. Akin apologized for the comment, and was nonetheless promptly rebuked by every leading Republican, including the presidential nominee. GOP leaders announced they were cutting off support for his Senate race and launched a concerted effort to persuade him to withdraw.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a four-term congressman from Florida and the Democratic National Committee chair, falsely ascribed a statement to the Israeli ambassador for her own partisan purposes, and then falsely denied having said what she did say. Has any senior Democrat repudiated her, or asked her to step down as chair of the national party—a much more significant role than Todd Akin ever had, and one that she holds at the party's, and at President Obama's, sufferance?

Every important Republican was asked about Akin in the days following his comment. Will reporters ask leading Democrats whether they stand by their national chair, who has doubly lied about a matter of international import? Will any Democrats have the courage to call on Debbie to go?

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