Democrat Rep. Jim McDermott says the IRS should continue to use "BOLO lists," the Be On the Look Out lists that had agency officials targeting conservatives:

"I'm going to stop what I was going to say, except to say one thing," said Rep. McDermott. "I don't think BOLO lists should be thrown out. Every time I get on a United Airlines flight to go home Seattle, before it leaves the ground, the first officer leaves the cockpit and goes down with a BOLO list. He is on the lookout for a lot of things on that plane. We use it to organize your thinking. The American College of Surgeons has just adopted BOLO lists before they take somebody into surgery there is a whole long checklist of things that they look at in anticipation before they put you under anesthesia before you do surgery. We think that's the way you organize your thinking. And it is clear to me that a Be On the Look Out list is a good idea. So don't say you are going to though them away--other you'll become the DMV in Seattle... You will have a long line of people because they are not organized. And if you take 292 or 298 one at a time and don't organize your thinking, it doesn't make any sense. I want you to be careful about how you reorganize."

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