A press release from Jim DeMint's Senate Conservatives Fund:

"Josh Mandel is a proven conservative leader who has the courage to stand up to the big spenders in both political parties," said DeMint. "Having served two tours in Iraq and having been elected to local and state offices in Ohio, Josh Mandel has served his country and his state with distinction. This man is a leader and we need him in the United States Senate.

"Josh Mandel is the candidate supported by the grassroots," said DeMint. "Our members in Ohio are very excited about his candidacy and they've urged us to support his Senate campaign. We're answering the call today, and we're pledging to do everything we can to help the people of Ohio elect a new senator who shares their values."

Josh Mandel is a true conservative with an impressive record of accomplishment. He served 8 years in the Marine Corps Reserves, 3 years as a city councilman, 4 years as a state legislator, and is currently the state treasurer in Ohio. As city councilman, Josh Mandel led the fight for the first property tax rollback in his city's history. In the state legislature, he stood up to the teacher's unions to expand school choices for children with special needs. And as state treasurer, he has cut spending and is working to make state government more transparent.

"This is a remarkable young man who has accomplished more in then last 10 years than most senators accomplish in lifetime," said DeMint. "His hard work and dedication to the principles of freedom make him the ideal candidate to take on Sherrod Brown next year."

DeMint's endorsement comes in the wake of Ken Blackwell's announcement that he won't be running for the seat. Mandel, now 33 years old, was featured in a 2007 Fox News report following the completion of his second tour of duty in Iraq:

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