On a conference call this afternoon, Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina said he thinks that earmark opponents have enough votes within the GOP conference to pass a conference-wide moratorium. "I think we probably have the edge by a vote or two right now," said DeMint, "but I know there's a lot of behind the scenes workings to stop this or create some alternative or watered-down version. We need to have the vote on the same rule change that the House Republicans voted on."

Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, who was also on the call organized by the Heritage Foundation, said he isn't sure if they had the votes. While tomorrow's vote may or may not be secret, Coburn pledged that the entire Senate will get to vote on an earmark moratorium, which will be attached to the food safety bill.

As reported here earlier today, Coburn thinks Republicans who support earmarks ought to be concerned about facing primary challengers.

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