A Florida super PAC affiliated with a Democratic congressional candidate has a new ad criticizing Florida Republican Allen West. The ad depicts West, a freshman House member, as a boxer who "socked it to seniors" and "whacked women." The animated West punches an elderly woman, a younger woman, and a family. Watch the ad below, along with a statement about the ad from West himself:

Allen West responds: "I spent my life in uniform fighting for our great nation and protecting all Americans. The ad being run against me by my opponent's family depicting violence against women and senior citizens is reprehensible. It plays on stereotypes and fear to divide Americans, and it cheapens the very real and tragic occurrences of violence against women and seniors. The American people are suffering from crushing debt, horrific tax and regulatory policies, and epic unemployment. This classless ad shows a lack of regard for the issues plaguing our nation. This ad reflects the sad state of politics in our Republic with those who seek to destroy a person's character to cover for their lack of intellectual ability and integrity."

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