Democrats are fundraising off the threat that President Barack Obama will be impeached. It would seem, according to the Democratic Party, that the threat of impeachment is coming from Republicans like Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia.

Today, the Democratic party sent an email to supporters (from this with the subject line: "Impeachment." Inside the email, were these images:

Clinking on the link brings one to this page, where a donation can be made to help fight againt impeachment:

UPDATE: A press aide for Rep. Paul Broun says that her boss has been "misquoted." She says this is the statement Broun made and the Democrats are distorting:

"If House leadership brought an impeachment vote before the floor, then there would certainly be good reason for doing so, with substantive information and evidence to impeach the President. With the President repeatedly bypassing Congress through executive order, lying to the American people on Obamacare, and failing to address what really happened in Benghazi, I can understand why this would be an important issue to many Georgians right now. What I don't understand, is how a candidate can claim to be a proven conservative, and yet if such a resolution was brought up for a vote, they would oppose it."
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