New York congressman Tim Bishop has a new ad out today—well, it depends on your definition of "new." The Democrat's ad features 10 seconds of testimonials from constituents whose jobs were saved, they say, by Bishop. The ad closes with Bishop giving his own pitch. Watch it below:

But voters in Bishop's Long Island district may remember the folks at the beginning of the ad from another commercial from two years ago. The exact same testimonials, in the exact same order, begin this ad from the 2012 cycle:

The ad differs by going after Bishop's 2012 opponent, Republican Randy Altschuler, and by having a shorter ending with Bishop approving the message.

Bishop won a tight victory over Altschuler, beating the Republican by just 11,000 votes and by two-tenths of a percentage point.

In 2012, as in 2014, Bishop is dogged by ethics investigations revolving around his campaign soliciting donations in exchange for constituent services. Bishop's 2014 GOP opponent is Lee Zeldin, a state senator.

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