Speaking at the Democratic convention's Women's Caucus on Thursday morning, First Lady Michelle Obama made a direct appeal to women voters. “You believe as I do that my husband has been an extraordinary president, ” she said. “Barack understands the challenges that women face, and he has made it abundantly clear.”

But what was abundantly clear this morning is that Democrats think women voters can be influenced by the same desires that might motivate the characters in a chick flick.

The women who spoke before the first lady included author Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, who said that women “are the ultimate fact-checkers” because “it takes us about 4.5 seconds to figure out when we’re being pandered to by politicians.” Rowe-Finkbeiner then said looking at the Romney-Ryan plan after hearing them praise the women in their lives was “like receiving an empty box of chocolates on Mother’s day.”

When introducing Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, one speaker noted that Solis’s mother had once worked for Mattel. "I know what's going through all of your minds" she said, "Cabinet Secretary Barbie!”

Jehmu Greene decided that the best way to reach women would be to compare Mitt Romney to the thing women fear most—an uncomfortable pair of high heels.

Greene talked about how she packed high heels and tennis shoes for this week, but she only wore her tennis shoes. Even though she considered wearing the heels out at night (“Am I going to run into President Clinton?” she joked), Greene decided against it. Why?

“I looked at those pretty shoes, and they looked pretty. And I actually packed them up nicely, nicely wrapped—my shoes looked like Mitt Romney,” she said. “In Tampa they tried to put a nice little package on him. They tried to make him seem so yummy, so desirable, you’re just called into that store window, you think—that’s something I’m gonna wear, that’s something that’s gonna make me feel good. That’s something that’s gonna solve my problem. I didn’t put those shoes on this week. This country can’t put these shoes on in November!”

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