Forget Bill Clinton. And Richard Nixon. And, for that matter, George W. Bush. The president who has faced the greatest "level of obstruction" is, according to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the current president of the United States -- Barack Obama.

The Democratic group made the sweeping pronouncement in a fundraising email to supporters over the weekend.

"No President in U.S. history has faced the level of obstruction that Barack Obama has," the email reads. In parentheses, the group adds: "(It’s not even close at this point)."

The proof? That there's been talk of bringing a lawsuit against President Obama and that a couple members of Congress have used the word "impeachment."

Boehner’s lawsuit against the President is moving forward

More House Republicans are calling for impeachment

And Mitch McConnell wants another Government Shutdown

The DCCC blames the Tea Party: "It’s clearer than ever that these guys will do anything to placate the Tea Party."

And wants people to give them money so they can beat the Tea Party.

We REFUSE to let Republicans shove their Tea Party agenda down our throats.

That’s why -- this week -- we’re launching the Shut Down the Tea Party Project.

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