Dennis Ross, late of the Obama White House, has a 943 word op-ed in the New York Times arguing (or rather hoping) that "Iran is Ready to Talk," that diplomacy can work, and so forth. But in the alternate universe of this op-ed, which unfortunately is also the alternate universe of the Obama administration, there are some realities you won't find addressed. Indeed, you won't even find the following events and facts mentioned:

* The June 2009 elections and anti-regime demonstrations.

* Any actual facts about the progress of the Iranian nuclear program (and therefore no mention of "highly-enriched uranium," "missiles," or any places like Natanz, Bushehr, Fordow, Qom, etc.).

* Iranian terror efforts, Iran's hosting of al Qaeda, and the like (Hezbollah gets one passing mention)

* Iranian efforts to kill Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan

* Quotations from Iran's leaders about exterminating the tumor of the Zionist entity.

Otherwise, it's quite persuasive.

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