In this week's Parade magazine, "Walter Scott" asks actress/advocate/aerobics instructor Jane Fonda about life, love, and lessons learned. It starts off harmless enough, when WS wonders if Fonda still finds exercise to be fun. Says the workout guru, "I don’t wake up saying, 'Oh boy, I’m going to work out!' But I do it with a modicum of joy because I know how I’ll feel afterward." But then WS probes a little deeper, as it were, asking if Fonda, now 72 years old, was "surprised to fall in love again, with record producer Richard Perry?"

Fonda replies, "Totally. But it doesn’t start with love, right? It starts with sex and grows into love. He’s extremely easy to live with."

Shocking, I know. Who would've thought Richard Perry was extremely easy to live with?

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