Less than a week before the Michigan primary, the editorial board at the Detroit News has endorsed Mitt Romney, calling him the "best choice" for "leading this nation to prosperity and stability" and saying that he gives "the GOP a fighting chance of defeating President Barack Obama this fall." Here's more from the endorsement:

On leadership, the Michigan native and former Massachusetts governor has the strongest resume of the four remaining Republican candidates. He has not only successfully run a state, but also has deep experience in turning around private companies. America today is the ultimate turnaround project.

Romney has a refreshing free market vision for restoring the nation's prosperity. He sees a return to our entrepreneurial roots, freeing individuals to reach for their dreams, take risks and strive for gain with minimal government encumbrances.

He would reverse the rush toward a government-controlled economy and allow the free marketplace to do what it has always done — pull the nation back to its feet.

According to the RealClearPolitics average for polls of Michigan primary voters, Romney and Rick Santorum are stastically tied after a week with Santorum leading in most polls there. The Michigan and Arizona primaries will be held on February 28.

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