The Department of Homeland Security's latest concern is hurricanes. With the start of the hurricane season, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is encouraging a so-called "Whole Community Approach."

"We may not know exactly what Mother Nature will bring this year, but we are leaning forward in our preparations, utilizing the 'Whole Community Approach,'" Napolitano says in a statement. "As part of this approach, we are engaging the broadest possible set of partners in our preparedness efforts—integrating planning across federal, state, local, tribal and territorial governments as well as with private sector, community, non-governmental, and faith-based partners."

Napolitano wants to make sure Americans are prepared.

Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Craig Fugate wants Americans to "focus on the need to be prepared."

"When it comes to preparing for disasters, don’t simply focus on the calendar … focus on the need to be prepared," Fugate said. "You can go to and find all of the tools and information you need to prepare your home, business and family."

Hurricane season started yesterday and lasts through the end of November.

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