A source on the Hill tells THE WEEKLY STANDARD that ABC's Diane Sawyer is trying to line up freshmen Republican congressmen for a segment the night before the new Congress begins its new session. This is the email from ABC producers to the freshmen Republicans:

"On Tuesday, January 4th, Diane would like to assemble a group of Freshmen Tea Party Members on the eve of the new congress to them about their hopes, their vision for the next two years and why they came to Washington. It would be a town hall style chat and would last about 45 minutes. I would love to make this happen. My info is below and would love to chat when you are free."

Our source speculates this would be more of an "ambush" than a chat. If Sawyer's recent interview with John Boehner is any indication, any freshman GOP member who goes should be prepared to defend not simply his or her own views, but have an opinion on any and every statement made by Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh, John Boehner, and Mitch McConnell--not to mention birthright citizenship, socialism, the Civil Rights Act, and any other issue that's tripped up Tea Partiers in the past year. In other words, it could make for some interesting TV.

Update: This post initially reported that the segment would be a "45-minute special." An ABC official says that while the town hall would last 45 minutes, only a minute or two would make it on air.

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