The Affordable Care Act has been subjected to many revisions, alterations, waivers, and do-overs since it became law some four years ago. Twenty-seven of them, according to one report. And while the cumulative effect has been to make the law a lot less shiny (even Democrats are now running against it) Obamacare is still there. As Sam Baker of the Atlantic reports:

Even many liberal policy wonks wish the employer mandate wasn't part of the health care law to begin with. But it is—largely because many Democrats thought it was the only way someone working 30 or 35 hours per week was going to get health insurance without the government paying for it.

Now that goal is temporarily on hold—as is a new online marketplace for small businesses. Next year's open-enrollment window has been delayed to make up for problems with this year's. A new healthcare plan for low-income people, known as the Basic Health Plan, was also pushed back a year. Then there's the CLASS Act, a long-term-care program the White House simply couldn't implement because it was designed so poorly. And the launch.

None of these missteps was fatal to the law …

So if there is nothing else to be said for it, supporters can still brag on Obamacare’s ability to take a punch.

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